Press Coverage

Below are press mentions of "The Observer and the Observed" in reverse chronological order.


+ "The Observer and the Observed" - Sarasota Up Close, 4/15/11


"Main Event: The Observer and the Observed at SFF" - Sarasota Patch, 4/11/11


+ "Local documentary to play at Sarasota Film Festival" - Venice Sun, 4/9/11


+ "Community Platform Series 'a cry from the heart'" - TICKET/, 4/8/11


+ "Sarasota Film Festival features films with ties to Manatee, Sarasota" -, 4/7/11


+ "Brad Bryan Film at SFF" -, 3/31/11


+ "Watch New College Alum Brad Bryan's Documentary..." - New College of Florida News, 3/28/11